The Best Homemade Mixed Berry Jam with No Pectin.

You'll love this recipe because: - it makes a small batch (enough for a jar for yourself and one to give away)  -no pectin is required -it's low in sugar -you can use fresh or frozen berries!

With no canning required, this recipe is perfect for first time jam makers!

Start by washing and drying your berries (if using fresh) and pop in a sauce pot.

Add in a little sugar and some lemon juice too. Cook until the fruit is good and soft.

Mash you berries until no big chunks of fruit remain. Then simmer until most of the fruit juice has evaporated and reduced.

Keep simmering until the mixture is super thick, clings to a spoon. Don't worry if it seems a little loose for jam, it'll thicken as it cools!

Let the jam cool to room temp and then transfer to clean jars. Enjoy immediately or store in the fridge for a month!

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