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31 Of The Best Christmas Cake Recipes

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Ring in the holiday season with a selection of the best Christmas Cake Recipes!

Here is a full list of 31 Christmas Cake Ideas made to transform your holiday dessert table into a winter wonderland.

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Looking for some new recipes this holiday season? Sure Christmas cookies get all the hype, but why not make this season extra special and wow the family with a homemade Christmas cake this year?

In this post, you’ll find all of my favorite Christmas cake recipes. I’m not just talking about a fruit cake here. Instead, I’m bringing you a list of the most show-stopping cake recipes, to transform your dinner table into a holiday masterpiece!

Whether you’re looking for a simple Christmas cake for holiday snacking or an elaborate layer cake to drop jaws, you’ll find the perfect recipe to impress your family and friends. 

Choose from a variety of cakes ranging from classic bundt cakes, to creamy cheesecakes, to stunning layer cakes that make the perfect holiday centerpiece, and I’ve even compiled a whole section of Christmas cake ideas that the kids will love!

With a huge range of flavors and classic recipes featuring eggnog or gingerbread, to a more decadent cake made with chocolate and peppermint, you’ll find something to fit what you’re craving. And if you’re looking to make the holiday spirits a little brighter, there’s even a list of boozy cakes made for slicing after the kids go to bed.

So whether you’re looking to make an elaborate Christmas cake decoration or just need an easy peasy Christmas time dessert to make the season extra merry, these delicious and easy cake recipes are here to help you out!

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The Best Recipes For Christmas Cakes

Below is a list of my favorite festive Christmas cake recipes ranging from sweet mini bundt cakes, to creamy cheesecakes, and fun Christmas cake Ideas for the kids! And when the kids are in bed, serve up the rum cakes.

Gingerbread and Spice Cakes

Spice cakes featuring the warm spices of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves baked up into tasty cakes. They're as delicious as they are stunning, and these cakes will fill your home with the smell of Christmas.

Christmas Bundt Cakes

Festive and gorgeous bundt cakes to get you in the holiday spirit! The best part? Effortless decorating! Have fun playing around with different bundt pans for an easy and elegant cake for your next holiday gathering.

Peppermint Cakes

Stunning Christmas cakes featuring cool and festive peppermint flavoring.

Christmas Cakes For The Kids

Cute and whimsical cakes for the kids! Put a smile on the little ones' faces this holiday season with these fun and delicious cakes!

Cheesecake For Christmas

Add a touch of decadence to your Christmas dessert table. Cheesecakes are a traditional Christmas cake in my house and they're perfect for the holidays. They can be made days in advance for a stress-free and show-stopping dessert. Hint: Cheesecakes taste even better the next day and make a fabulous Christmas morning treat!

Boozy Cakes

Make your spirits bright with these boozy Christmas desserts! These festive cakes are baked with love and a little something stronger. Adding a little liquor to a cake recipe is one of the best ways to keep it moist and an even more delicious way to celebrate special occasions with friends!

Tips For Best Results

  • Always read the recipe thoroughly before starting: Sometimes a cake takes some planning, so reading the recipe through a few times sets you up for success!
  • Greasing Bundt Pans: When it comes to bundt cakes, make sure to grease the bundt pan really well. I love using “baking spray“, which is cooking spray that has flour in it. It works really well and doesn’t leave a flour residue on the outside of the cake.
  • Room Temperature Ingredients: Unless otherwise noted, refrigerated items like eggs, butter, cream cheese, and milk should be taken out 2-4 hours before baking to come up to room temperature. The ingredients will mix much better and the cake will be lighter and fluffier.
  • Frost Cooled Cakes: If your recipe calls for icing, make sure the cake layers are completely cooled before adding frosting. It can be tempting (especially if you’re in a rush) to frost a cake that is still a little warm but trust me, it will just lead to heartache.


Whether you’re a seasoned baker, or baking a cake for the first time, depending on your recipe, here are some tools to make things run smoothly!

  • A bundt pan and baking spray – I find a standard 10 cup capacity bundt pan is perfect for most recipes. Make sure to read the recipe to ensure you have the right size.
  • Cake pans – A good set of cake pans can make your life so much easier! For layer cakes I love these cake pans with high sides. For a cheesecake, I like to use this 9″ springform pan. Tip: For easy removal, line the bottoms of cake pans with circles of parchment paper before greasing. For cheesecakes, wrap the bottom of a springform pan in foil to prevent leaking.
  • Cake Decorating Turntable – A turntable makes decorating layer cakes a breeze!
  • Piping Bags and Decorating Tips – To give those Christmas cakes a beautiful, decorated edge.

More Christmas Desserts


Enjoy any one of these delicious Christmas Cake Recipes with the following warm beverages:

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